Jack Thomas Chick by moopiechops

I got into reading about this guy when i read about the Los Angeles Film Festival and the big screen entertainment vehicle Hot Chicks. This dude was all about writing comics about religion. Six comics present testimony of Alberto Rivera. Rivera claims that the Catholic Church created Islam “Vatican Islam conspiracy“) and all sort of other goodies like being the Soul (capital S on purpose) of the Russian Revolution, the Holocaust and started World War II. Chick also publishes a bunch of other religious comics that can be seen in their entirety on their website.

Chick plays with occult themes in his comics as well. The belief is that the occult, Halloween, Dungeons & Dragons (which i loved as a small satanic child) are all a tool of the great tool Satan.

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Jack Chick, in my opinion, has a very warped sense of reality. I even wrote a book about his Vatican Islam Conspiracy. Well, technically it wasn’t his story. It was based on the testimony of Alberto Rivera, a man who lived a life of fraud. If you have any doubt, check it out on Barnes & Noble, Amazon.com, Borders, etc. “Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness: The Truth about the Vatican and the Birth of Islam”.

Jack Chick will stop at nothing to denigrate any religion or group of people who do not agree with his altered view of the world. That is why this guy is dangerous. Not to the thinking man, but to those who aren’t so structure in thought.

Comment by Gary Dale Cearley

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