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Father's Office


Last night I took a date to Father’s Office on Montana in Santa Monica for a little Cinco de Mayo action.  I gotta’ tell you that I was really surprised that the place had nothing special going on for the holiday.  No deals on Mexican beer.  No discounts.  Nothing.  Not even a lousy pinata.

Where to begin?  For starters, there was no valet when I got there at 7 p.m.  There was, however, ample street parking, but I doubt that would be the case later on in the evening.

When I walked into the place, I was surprised by how cramped it felt inside.  The place is literally the size of my father’s office.  And as the night went on, the place got packed.  So, it got really warm in there, which I guess is smart because then you order more cold beer of which they have a massive selection.  In fact, I think the selection is too big.  I’d rather they had less beer and more options of other beverages.

I hear the food is great at this place, but I wasn’t eating.  And to tell you the truth, the odor of the food coming from other tables was enough to make me never want to visit this bar again.  The place absolutely stunk of onions.  Even my beer mug smelled when I went to take my first drink.

You know what else I didn’t like?  The bar stools are in terrible shape.  The floor is uneven in the bar and the stools are loose and don’t balance well.  I almost fell off mine before I even started drinking.  I noticed a few other people having the same problem.  Also, I could only see one television in the place.  So, choose elsewhere if you’re looking to watch the big game.

One plus was that the girls in the joint were pretty cute.  The guys seemed to be ex-frat types.  Read into that what you will.  And by 8:30 pm, there wasn’t room for anyone.  If it’s a table that you’re after, you better get there early or wear comfy shoes for your wait.

Father’s Office . . . I’d rather die than do this again.



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I’ve been wanting to go to papa’s office. I thought it was a bondage- father-son leather, beat my ass daddy sort of thing, but from your description i’m either thinking of a different place or you went to the wrong office. Anyway, i wish i had a steak right now to put on my black eye- too many jelly beans toooo many….

Comment by moopiechops

I think that is on Thursday

Comment by vinceklortho

Valet? Pinata? Mexican Beer? At Father’s Office? Are you insane? Had you done even a brief Google search on the place, you would have discovered immediately that none of those expectations were in the realm of extreme possibility…

Comment by princessdreaaa

Where do I start? IT’S A NEIGHBORHOOD BAR for chrissakes!!!!! Not a taco joint advertising an early bird Cinco di Mayo enchilada blue plate special! !
Owner Sang Yoon bought the historical 50 year old Father’s Office (FO) bar 8 years ago and elevated it to what is now widely recognized and highly respected for its particular selection of craft beer on tap. He preserved it’s charm, its quaint size with the original rustic saltillo tile floor, old wood bar top, and the Father’s Office sign (which for historical landmark reasons the city will not allow changed or removed!). Locals and tourists patiently wait admittance to the bar just to order one of those onion aromatized FO burgers.

Know your destination! Sang’s success with his choices of beer and menu has been featured on NPR, MOJO, TV Food Network and the Today Show where that oniony entree won best burger at their cook off. FO been written about in tourist books, newspapers, and magazines acclaimed as one of the hottest places in LA. He must be doing something right – the place is packed even without valet!.

How could you not have known what you were walking into? Have you been living in a cave? Sounds like all you did was complain. You don’t sound like much of a catch. Let me get this straight…you were looking for deals, discounts, piñatas and other girls while with your date? Were you too cheap to buy her dinner or did you pull out all the stops and spring for a crunch wrap at Taco Bell? What…were you going to have her pay for the valet? She should have dumped your ass and picked up one of the ex frat guys. Maybe then she might have enjoyed a great craft beer and what’s probably the most exceptional burger in LA without some asshole looking for a piñata!

Comment by luction

Problem #1: You didn’t have any idea where you were taking your date.

Problem #2: If you wanted a Mexican theme, you should have gone to El Torito.

Problem #3: You’re complaining about food you didn’t even try.

I’d stick to Chili’s or TGI Fridays, as it sounds like that’s the type of place you’d enjoy.

Comment by lyss8

Who wants to discuss this further over some nachos at TGI Fridays?

Comment by vinceklortho

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