Batman againman by moopiechops

I’ve been reading about the new Batman movie today. Warner Brothers hired a marketing firm by the name of 42 Entertainment. Sounds like these guys are doing some pretty neat stuff. I haven’t seen much of the campaign myself but I read an article on LATimes that described how they put up fake campaign posters and a website, for one of the characters, Harvey Dent, in real U.S. cities. The posters were later defaced by the Joker (there was a website that went along with the Joker’s anti-campaign- however it seems to be down now). I hope the movie is as creative as the marketing campaign.

I want to warn all of you before you go and look at all this material and get excited about the new Batman movie, please remember the following: Batman and Robin – A depiction of the Batman saga on ice. Good move Joel Schumacher may you never direct again. I don’t know anyone who would have read that script and said “Ice Skating. yeah sounds good, but lets make it really colorful, oh and can Schwarzenegger sing?” Although on second thought how awesome would it have been if for that ice skating fight the whole thing was done musical style?

And, don’t forget: Batman Forever another Joel Schumacher brain child. Not as horrible as Batman and Robin- yet still horrible. It does foretell the beginning of the down fall of the batman series- never forget the Batman ass-shot…. Never forget…..

The new movie stars Christian Bale and Keanu Reeves– umm- i mean Heath Ledger. And is scheduled to be released in July 18, 2008. I will make sure to link the review to this article.