Forever Young by moopiechops

This weekend was a movie weekend. Woot! well, not so much- more like cough hack, groan oh Jesus another one died. Yes you guessed it (well you probably didn’t- im terrible at hinting). We went and watched Young at Heart at the Arclight in Sherman Oaks- and its not a feel good movie.

The whole movie is one really long group rehearsal. Yes, theres a chuckle the first time you hear an 87 year old mess up the rhythm to “I feel good“, but then you really start to feel like you are in the rehearsal when you hear it for the 15 and 16th time. you think- yes he can can oh yes he can, ye she can can– well no he can’t!

Mixed in with the rehearsals are videos which im really not sure if they were made for people to take seriously or as jokes, because neither one comes off really well. As amused as i am by seeing a really large old guy dressed up in the famed BeeGees suit and throw down strikes at a bowling alley, im also disturbed by ancient sexuality. icky……

The movie actually made me feel a little uneasy. Its about a bunch of old people who sing- well, umm- sing poorly for the most part. Maybe its my music background but i felt like i was back in music school and everyone was much older and not as good. In fact the college feeling was accentuated by my friend who found a way to piss off the two people sitting in front of us so much that they decided to move seats. I was amazed- not just that there were other people in the theater, but that they could be that annoyed. I beleive they had some overall anger management issues because later on in the movie they ended up moving away from each other. I guess they wanted to really get in tune with the movie and the other people around them were just keeping them away from feeling one with the horribly out of tune and rhythm challenged chorus.

I’d love to say that the movie was like a train wreck and you couldn’t keep your eyes off of it. However, it was more like a train coming to a stop and the wheels just keep on squeaking- a really long train- umm yeah- it takes 2 hours to stop.

Thankfully it does come to a grinding, and breathing apparatus assisted, end. I give this one a died, umm- oooh- that was tasteless.

They are performing live in Los Angeles at the Wilshire Theater.

And to completely discredit my review they are a huge success and are on tv all over the place. So they must be doing something right, and I have to applaud that. They also do look like they are having a lot of fun and the music really does keep them alive- well most of them..

For more info on Young@Heart!

I pray that this movie does not inspire copycats that focus on elderly activities: some i can think of:

GrannyStripping- Staying young with the pole

Oldman Taggert Reads a Lot: How reading keeps your mind active in the later years.

I give this movie 1 out of 5 toppings.