Minori – A Great Spot For Sushi by vinceklortho

So maybe the sushi didn’t come to me quite like this picture shows, but I love Minori anyway. 

Last Saturday I took a date to Minori, which is located on Robertson, just above Pico, in Los Angeles.  We arrived around 8 p.m.  The sushi bar was full, but there were two open tables at the time. 

Here’s what I love about Minori:  First, it’s kind of a hole in the wall.  I’m not saying it doesn’t get busy, but it is mostly populated by local folks who know the lay of the land.  Second, Minori consistently has great specials.  I recommend any special that they have that involves tempura.  Their tempura is always delicious.  I had the blue crab hand roll special.  It’s on the menu most of the time when I go.  If you haven’t tried blue crab, you are really missing out.  Very light.  Very fresh.  Did I just do a Summer’s Eve commercial?  Third, the price is always right for a cheap asshole like myself.  We ordered 3 cut rolls, two hand rolls, and a large sake, and the total with tip was only $55.  There aren’t a lot of restaurants in LA where you can pull that off, let alone sushi spots. 

Here’s what I don’t like about Minori:  The service usually sucks.  The waiters are inattentive, often missing portions of the order, and rarely stop by to see if you need anything.  So, make sure you order everything you want right off the bat because they ain’t comin’ back.  Also, the place is sometimes dirty.  Last time I went, there was some debris, which looked like straw wrappers, all over the floor.  In addition, sometimes they are understaffed in terms of sushi chefs.  End result…it takes forever to get your food.  Finally, the parking sucks.  Period.  Hope for metered parking on Robertson or Pico after you don’t have to feed the meters at night.

Despite the cons, the pros keep me coming back.  Dates consistently love its charm and tasty food.  Minori stays true to sushi’s roots, which means it also hasn’t adopted LA’s ridiculous prices.

Minori . . . I did it . . . and you should too.



The Other Room by vinceklortho

Last Thursday night, I hit The Other Room in Venice.  It’s a dark wine and beer bar that seemed to have everything on the menu.

The good news is that finding free street parking was fairly easy.  If you can’t find any, they have valet.

The place is open air, so bring a trendy hoodie ’cause it gets chilly in Venice at night.  It attracts what appeared to be young professionals with disposable income.

I ordered a small Fat Tire, which cost me $7.  My date ordered a glass of Pinot Grigio, which also cost me $7.  I didn’t see food on the menu, but the people at the table next to us came in armed with a pizza and plates from elsewhere, which no one batted an eye at.

Here’s the upside to the joint.  You can take a date here and she’ll definitely like the vibe and be impressed because it combines the beach with a little class.  But if you do bring a date, watch where those eyes are darting because the place was full of hot chicks when I went.

The downside . . . the service is atrocious.  The waitress didn’t take our drink order until about 15 minutes had elapsed since our arrival.  And boy, do they make it known when you stop buying drinks that they want you out.  The waitress also took 20 minutes to bring me my bill once I asked for it.

So, arrive before 8:30 p.m. if you want a shot at a table and free parking.  The music is a little loud, but not so loud that you can’t carry on a conversation.  And you should probably dress LA trendy if you want to blend in with the crowd.

The Other Room . . . I did it . . . and you should too!