Dr. Norman P. Zemel: Bad Name . . . Good Doc by vinceklortho


This afternoon I stopped in at the Kerlan-Jobe Orthopaedic Clinic to find out why my pinkies were tingling and my left arm was going numb.  The clinic is located in Westchester, just off the 405 South, and right near The Promenade at Howard Hughes Center.

My appointment was scheduled for 2 p.m. with Dr. Norman P. Zemel


I was referred to him by my knee doctor.  And to preface the remainder of this review, I went into the office with extremely high expectations, not only because of how great my treatment was for my knees, but also because of the amazing reputation the clinic has.

Dr. Zemel is an interesting fellow.  He was wearing an Anaheim Angels championship ring and had assorted Mickey Mouse ear pins on his white coat.  He also rocked a massive comb-over that originated from the bottom of his hairline on the back of his head.  You’d think the doc for the Angels would have keen enough eyesight to think twice about the comb-over.

Besides all of this, Dr. Zemel lived up to my expectations.  I had very little paperwork to fill out, much of which involved my marking where it hurt.  I resisted the urge to draw an enormous wang on the page.  I probably only resisted this urge because the woman working the desk was very cute.

I’d complain about the poor magazine selection in the waiting room, but seeing as they took me only 7 minutes after I arrived, why bother?  Not only did they get me in a room quickly, a physician’s assistant saw me just 3 minutes later.  She spent a fair amount of time asking about my symptoms and taking notes, which begged the question why Dr. Zemel repeated much of her efforts.  No matter.  Dr. Zemel had answers for me in a matter of minutes.  Turns out my ulnar nerve in both elbows had slipped and each nerve was being compressed and inflamed when I put pressure on my forearms and elbows.  Long story short . . . I have to stop leaning on the arm rests on my chair when I am working at the computer.  Can’t wait to see what that diagnosis costs me. 

It was also nice that there was a ton of parking in a structure adjacent to the office and they validated parking.  I was there for about an hour and ended up paying $2.55.

Kerlan-Jobe and Dr. Norman P. Zemel . . . I did him (that doesn’t sound good) . . . and you should too for any hand and wrist problems (that doesn’t sound great either).